Q.1 : Do you need a permit for a gas line or gas appliance (Fireplace, Garage Heater, Patio Heater, Barbeque line)?

Ans : Yes you require a permit for new installations and additions.

Q.2 : What is the recommended service schedule for gas fireplaces?

Ans : Manufacturers recommend annual maintenance. This helps to avoid any possible safety hazards and ensures your fireplace runs at maximum efficiency.

Q.3 : Should I clean or maintain my gas fireplace myself?

Ans : Basic exterior and cosmetic cleaning is ok, but most manufacturers recommend an annual maintenance check by a certified professional.

Q.4 : If I already have a line for my barbeque and want to add a patio heater or garage heater can I use the same line?

Ans : Yes, you can run it off the same line. However you should obtain a quote on this as there are restrictions for how much you can add to one line.

Q.5 : My fan doesn't come on when the fireplace lights, is this normal?

Ans : Almost all fans run off a temperature sensor. This means your fan will not come on until the fireplace heats for 15 20 minutes. It will continue running until the fireplace cools up to 30 minutes or more.

Q.6 : Why is there a white film building up on the glass?

Ans : This is a natural by-product of minerals from natural gas. Cleaning should be done once a year by a qualified technician.

Q.7 : Why is there soot build up on glass or logs?

Ans : This means that the fuel-to-air ratio needs to be adjusted. There is likely incorrect log placement. If the logs have been moved, it might cause this problem.

Q.8 : Will my gas fireplace still operate during power outages?

Ans : Yes. Your fireplace has a standing pilot that is run off its own millivolt generator therefore during power outages, your fireplace will still run. Fireplace fans will not operate because they run on 110 volts but your flames will.

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